In Nov 2010, RV Centre Saigon helps Nguyen Ba Ngoc to play host to our Primary school, St Hilda Primary School.
Singapore national songs ˇ°Stand Up for Singaporeˇ± and folk song like De Tanjong Katong were sang by the Vietnamese students ¨C much to the surprise of the visitors.

The students and teachers of Nguyen Ba Ngoe were very warmth, friendly and our students soon felt at home.
Traditional game such as ˇ®Chatekˇ± was also played by the students from both schools. They interact with one another and introduce about their schools and countries. Soon they became good friends and this spirit of friendship will always be treasured and nurtured.

Singapore students also have the opportunity to participate in activities with the Vietnamese students in their classroom environment.

Hopefully, in the near future we should be able to see student exchange program, home-stay, project work and other learning activities.
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