Strategic Planning

Author(s) - Professor Alex Scott


The major problem facing chief executives is to make sense of a spectrum of information and apply appropriate tools and techniques in driving an organisation through a complex and continually changing competitive environment. The complexity of real life can be structured as a process involving objective setting, analyzing competitive positioning, choosing a strategy, implementing it and adapting to feedback over time. Clearly all of these steps are crucial and organizations succeed or fail depending on the robustness of their strategic processes. This means that there are no easy answers to strategic problems and the solutions offered by business gurus can be seen for what they are: popular appeals to intuition which are largely devoid of any conceptual or empirical basis. Strategic planning is above all, about thinking effectively: using the strategic process approach requires a sound understanding of the other core disciplines.

Topics Covered

  1. Introduction to Strategy, Planning and Structure
  2. Modelling the Strategic Planning Process
  3. Company Objectives
  4. The Company and the Economy
  5. The Company and the Market
  6. Internal Analysis of the Company
  7. Making Choices among Strategies
  8. Implementing and Evaluating Strategy
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