Project Management

Author(s) - Professor Alex Roberts, Dr. William Wallace


Any action undertaken in an organisation involves change and the process can be visualised as a project. There are time, cost and quality trade-offs to be made and project management tools and techniques are essential in keeping change processes on track. The fact is that most managers are unaware that many of the dynamic processes at work in the organisation are actually projects, and are therefore subject to many nasty surprises when things do not turn out as they expected. Although they will not solve all problems, the application of rigorous project management techniques will clarify the process of achieving what you had set out to achieve.

Topics Covered

  1. Introduction
  2. Individuals and Team Issues
  3. Project Risk Management
  4. Project Management, Organisational Structures and Standards
  5. Project Time Planning and Control
  6. Project Cost Planning and Control
  7. Project Quality Management
  8. Case Study
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