Organisational Behaviour

Author(s) - Professor Bob Dailey


We all work in organisations and hence we probably think we know a lot about them. In fact, most of us are unaware of the factors affecting the very organisations we think we are familiar with. The effectiveness of an organisation is dependent on the motivation and behaviour of the workforce. However, an organisation is a continually changing entity as it reacts to ongoing changes in the competitive environment. To capitalize on the capabilities of the workforce and develop an adaptive organisation it is necessary to provide appropriate incentives, develop effective teams, design an attractive job environment and manage the dynamics of organizational change. One of the major outcomes of understanding the principles of organizational behaviour is a higher degree of self realization of how we relate to other members of the organisation.

Topics Covered

  1. The Basics of Organisational Behaviour and its Relation to Management
  2. Stress and Well-Being at Work
  3. Contemporary Theories of Motivation
  4. Organisational Control and Reward Systems
  5. Job Design and Employee Reactions to Work
  6. Understanding Work Group Dynamics and Group-Based Problem-Solving
  7. The Influence Processes in Organizations: Power, Politics, Leadership
  8. Organisational Design and New Forms of Service-Driven Organizations
  9. Managing Transitions: Organisational Culture and Change
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