Author(s) - the late Professor Harper Boyd and Professor Orville Walker


Why do consumers purchase one product rather than another? To answer this, You have to confront the issue of why consumers would purchase your product rather than competitors'. Factors such as market positioning, branding, consumer loyalty and segmentation determine the success or failure of products in highly competitive markets. Furthermore, it is extremely difficult to manage products successfully in competitive markets. The marketing process involves market analysis and the development and implementation of a marketing programme. To be a successful marketer you need to understand not only the factors which influence buying behaviour but be able to bring products to market in an effective manner.

Topics Covered

  1. The Marketing Management Process
  2. Corporate Strategies and their Marketing Implications
  3. Business Strategies and their Marketing Implications
  4. Environmental Analysis : Tool to Identify Attractive Markets
  5. Industry Analysis and Competitive Advantage
  6. Understanding Consumer Buying Behaviour
  7. Understanding Organisational Markets and Buying Behaviour
  8. Measuring Market Opportunities : Forecasting and Market Research
  9. Market Segmentation and Target Marketing
  10. Positioning
  11. Product Decisions
  12. Pricing Decisions
  13. Distribution Channel Decisions
  14. Integrated Promotion Decisions
  15. Marketing Strategies for New Market Entries
  16. Marketing Strategies for Growth Markets
  17. Marketing Strategies for Mature and Declining Markets
  18. Organizing and Planning for Effective Implementation
  19. Measuring and Delivering Marketing Performance
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