Human Resource Management

Author(s) - Professor Tony Keenan


Human resource management (HRM) is concerned with the effective management and utilization of human resources in organisations. For most organisations, human resources are their greatest assets and the optimal utilization of these resources is the key to competitive advantage in today's increasingly harsh economic environment. Moreover, because effective human resource management is now so crucial for success, many organisations regard HRM as the responsibility of all managers, not just specialists in personnel management, as was often the case in the past. By the end of this course managers will understand HRM from both a strategic and an operational perspective. From a strategic point of view, HRM policies and activities are designed to support and reinforce more general business strategies and objectives. At an operational level, HRM is concerned with the design and implementation of procedures to optimize the day-to-day management of people in organisations.

Topics Covered

  1. The Origins and Nature of Human Resource Management
  2. Models of Human Resource Management
  3. Key Themes in HRM
  4. Analysis of Performance Requirements
  5. Recruitment and Selection
  6. Performance Appraisal and Performance Management
  7. Training and Development
  8. Careers and Career Management
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