Author(s) - Professor Nial Lothian and Professor John Small


What do profit and loss accounts and balance sheets tell you? They are valuable sources of insight into the financial strength of competitors but you have to know what you are looking for. In fact, many managers are unaware of the financial position of their own organizations. How much should you charge for your products? To decide this, you have to know how much they cost and this is notoriously difficult to determine. An understanding of financial and management accounting techniques, and their strengths and weaknesses are essential for effective decision making.

Topics Covered

  1. An Introduction to Accounting and the Accounting Equation
  2. The Profit and Loss Account
  3. The Balance Sheet
  4. The Cash Flow Statement
  5. The Framework for Financial Reporting
  6. The Framework for Financial Reporting (cont)
  7. Interpretation of Financial Statements
  8. Emerging Issues and Managerial Options in Financial Reporting
  9. An Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting
  10. Cost Characteristics and Behaviour
  11. Allocating Costs to Jobs and Processes
  12. Costs for Decision making
  13. Budgeting
  14. Standard Costing
  15. Accounting for Divisions
  16. Investment Decisions
  17. New Developments in Management Accounting
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